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MISSHA Glow Cushion [No.23 Sand]

14g / 23 Sand

Missha Glow Cushion is the new genre of skin-caring cushion to create flawless and clear skin complexion allowing your skin to breathe and making it feel light and comfortable.

Includes high sun protection (SPF 40 PA++). Lightweight cushion foundation stays on wthout feeling dry and cakey giving a long-lasting, breathable coverage.

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With Missha’s new formula, the glow cushion creates breathable and confy coverage that evens out skin tone making it effortless and flawless looking. Natural and beautiful glow full of moisture.

The cushion foundation is available in 3 shades. Shade 21 Fair is a light and cool-toned with a pink undertone, 21 Vanilla is also light and has a neutral-warm undertone. 23 Sand is darker color than 21 and it has a warm undertone.

Missha Glow Cushion offers amazing coverage with a lightweight feel. The triple function formula is also reinforced with SPF40 PA++ to block the harmful UV-rays.

Active ingredients adenosine and niacinamide work on improving uneven skin tones and smoothening fine lines. Moisturizing ingredients plump the skin and prevent dehydration, even during extreme temperatures. The cushion foundation will melt right into your skin, creating flawless and glowy skin.