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MISSHA Oil Control Paper

Missha Oil Control Paper is a package of 100 oil control papers that are perfect to take excess oiliness and sebum from the skin during the day.

Oil control papers in a pack of 100 remove excess shine, sebum and oiliness from the skin. Take one paper from the package and gently pat it on your face whenever you want to remove excess shine or grease left by makeup.

Face papers help keep the skin more matte, so you don’t have to layer powder on your face during the day. Its compact packaging allows you to carry the sheets with you everywhere you go so you can touch up your skin whenever necessary throughout the day.

The product consists of papers with small microscopic holes perfect to absorb excess oil and sebum from your face. Only removes excess shine, making the skin matte, so the skin remains moisturized.

-removes shine and greasiness from the face
-thin package fits easily in a bag or pocket
-contains 100 disposable papers
-suitable for daily use for all skin types.

Take one film of Missha Oil Control Paper and pat your face with it to absorb excess shine and sebum, for example after makeup or during the day.