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MISSHA Time Revolution The First All Day Cream (50ml)

A daily tone and texture cream that protects skin from intense urban environments both inside and outside. Protects from indoor stress and dryness, heat, external UV rays, pollution, blue light, and provides daily tone, texture, and moisture care.

Recommended for all skin types, especially those living in the city Apply the cream to the face with massaging movements after using serum. 0

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A city-proof, daily cream helps protect skin from external aggressors which come from city environment while it replenishes skin with moisture for a clearer and translucent canvas.
Lutein (Xanthophylls): Formulated with skin-shielding Lutein and Lutein-rich Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, it helps repair fatigued skin caused by external stressors.
Plus-Some Technology: By applying cationic liposome ((+)Liposome) technology, the skin-protecting formula containing cationic liposomes favorably adheres to the negative surface of skin to enhance adherence and absorption.
Firming & Brightening & UV Protection (SPF 19). Dermatologically tested.

At the last step of skincare, take an adequate amount and apply to face.

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