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PUREDERM Gold Energy Hydrogel Eye Patch

Purederm Gold Energy Hydrogel Eye Patch containing sticky essence tightly adheres even to the curved skin and intensively treats the eye zone with a consistant moisturising effect.

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Ingredients such as Gold which helps keep skin purified and Lemongrass Extract which is full of nutrients protect skin from becoming rough because of the environment, and make skin glow.

Contains gold to remove skin waste and prevent skin oxidation, lemon grass extract and Vita 10 Complex to improve skin elasticity.
Formulated with peptide to improve skin elasticity, and allantoin to remove dead skin and improve the skin’s moisture retaining ability.
How to use:
1. After washing your face, prep your skin with toner.
2. Use a spatula to take out an eye patch.
3. Apply eye patch to the desired area.
4. Take off after 20-30 minutes and dab the remaining essence on skin for absorption.